Cash purchase

Cash purchase
شراء بالنقد

English-Arabic economic glossary.

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  • cash settlement — A financial instrument is cash settled if the underlying asset is not delivered or transferred to the counterparty in exchange for a specified payment when the instrument reaches maturity. Instead, the owner of the financial instrument accepts an …   Law dictionary

  • cash — cash1 [kash] n. [MFr casse < OFr < OIt cassa < L capsa: see CASE2] 1. money that a person actually has, including money on deposit; esp., ready money 2. bills and coins; currency 3. money or its equivalent, as a check or money order,… …   English World dictionary

  • cash call — ➔ call2 * * * cash call UK US noun [C] ► FINANCE a request from a company to its shareholders asking them to provide more money: a cash call on sb »A cash call on investors is one option for financing the purchase. make/launch a cash call »Unlike …   Financial and business terms

  • cash on the barrelhead — {n. phr.}, {informal} Money paid at once; money paid when something is bought. * /Father paid cash on the barrelhead for a new car./ * /Some lawyers want cash on the barrelhead./ Compare: COLD CASH …   Dictionary of American idioms

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